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Shareware Authors Resource Guide  v.

Whether you're a veteran shareware author or you are just starting your shareware business, this FREE, award-winning guide will provide you valuable information about how to start and run a successful shareware business. It discusses strategies for

A Shareware Marketing Primer  v.1.1

The present e-book presents a series of articles on shareware marketing and promotions. Shareware authors can benefiot from the news, views and tips presented in the various articles in order to find the best marketing solutions for their software.

Overcoat Executable File 'Wrapper'  v.1.5.20

Overcoat encrypts your projects exe file before distribution (for shareware authors for example), that limits the use of an exe file, and forces the user to purchase/registar after a certain developer defined

PAD Software Database  v.2.00.06

A free PAD software database for a free PAD enabled PHP / MySQL shareware download site, to provide would-be shareware site webmasters with a proven software data to get started, and thus to promote wider acceptance of the PAD standard.

SubmitMySoft Guide  v.2.0

SubmitMySoft will advertise your product by submitting it to 1000+ download sites saving your time and money. You will get hundreds of new direct links from download catalogs that will increase the number of downloads and boost your product sales.

Shareware-List search plugin  v.1.1

This search plugin for Firefox allows you to search Shareware-List website right from your browser. You can find easy in this way the latest updates of thousand shareware and freeware programs.

Shareware Name Analyzer  v.1.0

Shareware name analysis tool to help you don't name duplicate name as another software. Easy to find if there is existed / duplicate software name in 30000 software library. Also offers word frequency of your software name in all the 30000 software

Shareware Guide  v.1

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Latest Shareware Screensaver  v.1.1

With this free handy screensaver application, you will never miss the latest software releases. They will be delivered automaticaly to your desktop in a screensaver, when the computer is idle.

PADLess  v.1.20

PADLess is a free utility program that helps software authors make manual submissions to shareware link sites that do not support PAD files. Complete web forms with simple drag and drop commands rather than type the same data over and over again.

Software Coupons Finder  v.1.0

With our free program, you can save 20-50% of your money every time you buy some shareware on Internet. Get hundreds of software coupons for popular shareware titles or search for concrete software you want and need. It is easy, fast and free.

1000apps FaceBook Application  v.1.0

Avec cette application vous pourrez rechercher des logiciels , freeware, shareware

1000apps Firefox search Plugin  v.1.0

Search for software, freeware, shareware to download for free directly from your Firefox browser. To install this plugin please copy (or unzip): 1000appsfireplugin.src and 1000appsfireplugin.png under the firefox searchplugins directory: C:Program

1000apps NetVibes Widget  v.1.0

Avec ce Widget vous pourrez rechercher des logiciels , freeware, shareware

Apimac PAD Editor X  v.1.0.2

Apimac PAD Editor X 1.0.2 is considered as a highly efficient, high-quality PAD (Portable Application Description) file editor. PAD files help software authors to provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way,

PAD Site Kit  v.2.00.09

A free PAD enabled PHP / MySQL shareware download site kit from the ASP, to provide would-be shareware site webmasters with a proven code base to get started, and thus to promote wider acceptance of the PAD standard throughout the shareware

SoftExpress  v.1.0

SoftExpress is a download manager tool collecting some shareware coupons.

BlueGriffon for Windows  v.1.6.1

BlueGriffon is an intuitive application that provides Web authors

Abluescarab Software CD-Key Generator  v.1.0.0

The Abluescarab Software CD-Key Generator will help you generate random CD keys for use in your shareware products.

Download and upload sites  v.1.0


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